Rev. Foster Clark, has 2 children, is native to Columbus, Ohio and now resides in Florida. Rev. Clark is an Air Force and Desert Storm Veteran who answered the call into the ministry in 1989 while still in the United States Air Force.

In 2003 Expectant Faith World Ministries was launched by Rev. Clark and was commissioned to the nations with the mission to teach people how to walk in faith with the manifestation of victory in their everyday life regardless of their circumstances and to destroy hopelessness; whether it is hopelessness that poverty breeds, that a lack of education brings, or the hopelessness that comes from dealing with the struggles of every day life that at times seem to overwhelm our faith.

Rev. Clark’s passion and mission (along with his wife through the ministry of dance) is to bring hope to those who have lost hope, to show the grace and love of God to those who feel grace doesn’t apply to them, to restore the passion in marriages, and to empower and strengthen people with not only faith in God but with the faith of God that He gives through His word and the power of the Holy Spirit to walk in victory.

Rev. Clark is a published author with Tate Publishing Company.  The book “Every Day Faith – Faith For The Daily Walk Of Life” was written for those of us who sometimes struggle with their faith due to the pressures ands struggles of life.  This book takes you from the place struggle to victory, from simply persevering to moving forward in faith with expectation in God’s faithfulness.

Another key area of this ministry is education.  The only way to truly defeat poverty is through God and education.  Five years ago at the Lord’s leading we began the education ministry of Expectant Faith, “Kenya-Every Child Paper and Pencil Mission.”  After seeing a precious school girl in Africa using the same piece of paper for every lesson we began shipping school supplies and other basic educational necessities.  However, God has begun to expand our vision is this area to do more;  that more is to begin adopting at least one school in every country we travel to.  We supply not only basic educational resources but also generators that schools who don’t have electricity our provided that resource through the generators.  Electricity to of course help one see, but to also power computers.  We understand that through the young of the world, God’s word will be carried forward in every walk of life throughout all generations and that poverty mentality (both physically and spiritually) will be broken. We not only provide educational resources to Africa, but also to Bangladesh and to needy children and schools here at home.

This ministry is absolutely committed to the ministering of the Word, the outpouring of the manifestation of the Spirit of the living God and the importation of the Holy Spirit going forth in every service; as well as meeting the physical needs of the people as God leads and guides.

Currently Rev. Clark and the E.F.W.M. team travel throughout the U.S. and the world ministering the word of God, holding leadership conferences, business and financial seminars (with guest speakers and teachers in their fields of expertise), and revivals.  Throughout the last 4 years one of the primary focuses of Rev. Clark and E.F.W.M. is ministering the 3 day conference & revival “Stop Living Below God’s Standards.”  This conference / revival deals with: Putting the fire and passion back in your marriage; Letting go of the past, healing from that past, and breaking the chains that bind; A victorious mindset; and The biblical principals of finance (Skilled Money Management).  It is truly  time to stop living below God’s standards in our every day life so we can, “be of good cheer” and walk in daily victory.

Beloved, God is continuing to expand our vision, stretch our faith, and establish our paths.  Through out new main office (Which we are hoping to move into a larger office in the very near future) we are now expanding to family counseling, business classes, bible study, and radio shows that empower you live life fully in every area.  Our hearts continue to pursue His desires and purposes for His Kingdom and to fulfill our mission around the world and here in the U.S. which is:

“To impart and instill in people hope and an
expectant faith in God.  To motivate people to pray,
believe, and act on the word of God with the
power of the Spirit of God in them.”

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