Mission Statement:

To impart and instill in people hope and an expectant faith in God.

To motivate people to pray, believe, and act upon the Word of God

with the power of the Spirit of God in them.

Expectant Faith World Ministries was birthed and commissioned to the nations with the mission to destroy hopelessness; whether it is the hopelessness that poverty breeds, the hopelessness that a lack of education brings or the hopelessness that comes from a lack of faith in dealing with the struggles of every day life.


To God be the glory the vision to accomplish this ministry’s mission throughout the world, to bring hope and to empower and strengthen people with not only faith in God but with the faith of God and the power of the Holy Spirit is accomplished primarily through (but not limited to):

* Ministry & Business Leadership Conferences / Seminars

* Training Pastor’s and leaders in the areas of bold, unwavering faith where God’s provision, reward, and promises in His word is our absolute security in every area.

* Impartation through the direction of the Holy Spirit

* Faith Revival Meetings

* Providing material for children’s educational needs; paper, pencils, generators, computers, chalk boards, etc. We are committed to fighting poverty through education in 3rd world nations.

* Ministry of the Gospel through Dance

* Spirit led prayer intercession


Ministry Departments of E.F.W.M.

Expectant Faith Intercessors

(Head Intercessor Hannah Garner)


To be united in the Spirit of God, praying the Word of God to fulfill the vision of the ministry. Lifting up people of every race and nation in prayer and speaking resurrection life into every situation.

Life Education

(Minister Andre Parchment)


To bring to “Life” the word of God by providing man-kind with the proper resources to help overcome social and spiritual ills through teaching, training and developing those who are struggling with their identity in Christ and the knowledge of God’s Kingdom purposes and promises. To assist people in obtaining the education and training they need to advance and achieve their goals.

Director of Social Media

(Paris C. Clark)


To bring the LIFE of the Word to people in relevant, new, and engaging ways to facilitate a global dialogue of prayer and faith.  To instill hope and expectation in the global community through the inter-connectedness of social media and through the power of the Holy Spirit.  I want everyone to know, regardless of your situation, “You are not alone.”

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ExFaith WMinistries & Expectant Faith World Ministries

Twitter: www.twitter.com/expectantfaith

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