Living The Adventure of Faith (Don’t have a great day – Make a great day)

There are exciting things happening on the show “Living The Adventure of Faith” hosted by Rev. Clark on the internet radio station “American Patriot Radio.”

Let’s face it, sometimes life gets or seems extremely hard and our faith can get tired or complacent. However, God has positioned us to not only run the race of life, but to win. We are to take the prize and live life fully serving Him and enjoying His creation. This weekly show offers music, talk and teaching; all geared toward encouraging, strengthening, uplifting and empowering your faith. Listeners are able to enter a live chat room to ask questions, call in with prayer request, testimonies, or questions. There will be quest speakers, recording artist, and heads of different ministries or organizations whose focus is, helping people in their every day lives.

This show’s main mission is: “To impart and instill in people hope and an expectant faith in God. To motivate people to pray, believe, and act upon the word of God with the power of the Spirit of God in them.” Our goal is to give people the tools they need to see change take place in the lives and live in the victory of Gods promise and goodness.

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Show Details:

Show: Living The Adventure of Faith
When: Every Wednesday
Time: 11 AM (eastern standard time)
Where: American Patriot Radio Station.
Web Link: Living The Adventure of Faith (LIVE BROADCAST)

For Archived or Recorded shows: Living The Adventure of Faith – Recorded Shows

Adventure of Faith

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