Dear Beloved of the Lord,

Expectant Faith World Ministries gives God the highest praise as we endeavor to move forward by His leading and guiding. We are both excited and honored to write to you today to extend an invitation to join us on Sunday mornings,  at 10:30 AM, at Expectation of Faith Christian Center (EFCC). 

EFCC, an extension of Expectant Faith World Ministries (EFWM), will be a part of the body of Christ, whose core mission is: “Praising God as we continually grow in our faith in God, and learn to put a demand and expectation on our faith, because of the goodness, grace, and faithfulness of God and His Word. To embrace all with the love and grace that we ourselves receive from God every day. To walk in unity with the body of Christ as we fulfill our purpose through our partnership with the Holy Spirit. To raise up and empower leaders in their personal lives, families, ministry, and business.”

If you are available, we would ask you to please join us to worship and celebrate the Lord, God Almighty, as we celebrate and desire to honor His Kingdom purpose.  If you already have wonderful church home we would be grateful if you would lift us in prayer for the glory of God to be lifted high, as we pray for you as well.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Thank you and God bless You.

Gripped in Christ Grace,

Foster Clark, Pastor