bigstock-Butting-Heads-2387839We at Expectant Faith World Ministries are bringing a conference entitled “Stop Living Below God’s Standard” to many cities and churches.  When your schedule and time permits, if you desire more information concerning this conference we’d be happy to share it with you in greater detail (Please see the contact page).   I know you and your church will be blessed greatly.

The Lord birthed this life changing conference and revival out of my own life.  To be very honest with you I began to get frustrated with life, ministry, and marriage – pretty much everything.  I would walk around and say “there’s got to me more to life than this – there has to be more to the Christian life than this”.  Aside from the heaven or hell issue I saw very little benefit to being a Christian.  I began to pray and ask God why was life so hard, as well as – Lord is there more than this to the Christian life and walking in faith?  That question began a year long answer in which the Lord showed me His heart for us.  He never intended for life to be so hard.  Yes the bible says in John 16:33 “…In the world you will have tribulation; (but it also says) but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

So the questions were:  If you (Lord) have overcome the world why does it seem so hard?  Why am I so unhappy? Why am I so bored?  Why are so many Christian marriages struggling and unhappy (including mine at the time)? Why do so many people (Christians) seem to be just going through the motions of life?  Etc etc. etc.

 The answer was – “Because you choose to live below my standards!”

The “Stop Living Below God’s Standard” conference & revival format is:

Thursday & Friday evening service – Saturday morning seminars and evening marriage service. The evening services will be a revival atmosphere with the move of God to encourage, uplift, set free, impart and restore an expectancy and fire of hope in God’s great love for His people.

The seminars on Saturday morning will cover the following:


1. Moving forward – “Breaking the chains of the past”

Too many people are hindered in their lives because of past events that control their emotions, their decisions, their attitude, and now their present. You can’t move forward freely and completely until you release and break the “Chains of the past”.

2. Biblical Principals of Finance – “How your sowing affects God’s out pouring”

In this time of financial hardship with such a strained economy this is not the time to pull back but to trust God and stand on God’s word concerning finance and provision.

3. A Victorious Mindset – “It’s not what it looks like”

Don’t let what your eyes see govern what your mind thinks, your mouth speaks, or what dictates your actions.  It’s not what it looks like!

4. Marriage – “The pursuit” (Adults Only Service – no children)

As Christians we pursue God out of our love and desire to continually get closer to Him.  We try to accomplish this through spending time in His word, praising and worshiping Him, devoting time to be intimate with Him, watching Christian T.V., etc.  Although we love our spouse, without the same passion, effort and determination we lose the “pursuit” of each other and the fresh fire and intimacy begins to weaken. We become complacent and the marriage has the tendency to become stale and mundane.  The embers are still burning – it’s time to ignite the flame.






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