Various media resources are available to encourage, uplift, and strengthen your faith as well as give direction for walking in victory in your everyday life.

"Now Faith, Faith For The Daily Walk of Life". Within you’ll find answers to questions that many people have been reluctant to ask. “What if my faith is tired?” “Are my prayers working?” “How do I get to the place of victory when life is such a struggle?” Have you slipped into a place of complacency with your faith walk? If any of these questions are you, you are not alone. Many can easily identify with where you are, however they’ve made a conscious choice to not remain there. This book will empower you to continue in the good fight of faith. It will help you reach deeper inside the faith of God in you, to help you soar to higher heights. If this sounds like the push you need, you are encouraged to add this phenomenal book to your library. Reading this book will not only strengthen your faith and challenge you to put positive action in motion, but it will reignite and remind you of the faithfulness and promises of God for your life. This book may be the 'booster shot' of faith needed to reinforce your spiritual immune system.


When the chips are down, when the pressure is on, when time seems to keep passing without an answer or a move of God, faith is the foundation upon which we stand and keep moving forward (sometimes very slowly). This book is for when your faith gets tired, the walk seems hard, and you need that ‘booster shot’ of faith to not just help you persevere but to help you get to the place of victory.


The Importance of Vision"In this CD learn why having a vision for direction is so important, what do you do with the vision God has given you and most importantly, How do you walk it out?"


3 CD Series on Faith. Faith is the key in every aspect of the Christians life, yet it is the most misunderstood.In this series learn how to put a demand of expectation on your faith, how to pray the prayer of faith not just pray, and realize there is a cost that comes with walking in faith that also comes with a reward.


Faith & Manifestation
How do you get your faith from the place of simply believing and hoping to the point of seeing the manifestation? This CD answers that question and gives practical application to take your faith to the place of expectancy in God's faithfulness. The teaching on this CD is prefaced with a word from the Lord that was spoken on the day that the recording took place

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