Be Persistent and Devoted to Prayer

Greetings on this Monday morning, Loved Ones, and Happy New Year! I feel energized to move forward and to see what GOD has in store for me this year. I pray that you are of the same mind.

It’s very difficult for me to have a sense of inner peace and well-being if I haven’t spent quality time communing with GOD in prayer every day. It is impossible to know what He has to say to me if I am absent from His presence, running off to do my own thing without the covering of His wisdom to instruct, guide and protect me. I am severely unprepared for my journey unless I spend quality time with Him each day to recharge and gain spiritual maturity to navigate the unknown.

There are so many Bible verses that define the importance of prayer. One of the  Scriptures that I have adopted for this year to keep me centered is Colossians 4:2 (AMP), “Be persistent and devoted to prayer, being alert and focused in your prayer life with an attitude of thanksgiving.”

Prayer is the centerpiece of our relationship with our Heavenly FATHER. He loves us unconditionally, empathetically and compassionately. He knows us far better than we know ourselves and He waits for us to trust Him with every detail of our lives. 

Prayer: Omnificent GOD, You created me and You know every detail about my life. I surrender myself to You each day in prayer.  Thank You for never giving up on me because I am Your loving work-in-progress. Please show me how to live to honor and glorify You. In JESUS’ Name, I pray. Amen.


Love Always,

SpreadSonshine! – A Filling Station of Victory Village Ministries

Elder Gloria J. Hunter – Visionary/Steward/Servant in Leadership

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