Do You Have A Fighting Spirit?

Are you tired of losing?  Tired of just getting by emotionally, physically, financially & many other areas of your life?  Have you simply accepted situations in your life & all you pray for is the strength to endure or just get through the day?  If so, it’s time for a change, time to find that “Fighting Spirit” that God has put in you.

1 Sam 30:8 – So David inquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?”  And He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.”

 Beloved – Do you have a fighting spirit?  Do you have an attitude that says Lord I’m trusting in You to HELP me be victorious in every area of my life or are you simply accepting every situation with the attitude “I’ll just wait on the Lord and if it be His will he’ll fix it or do it for me?”  In the passage of scripture the enemy came into the camp and took captive the wives of David and his men and stole all the riches of the camp.  In other words, the enemy stole his joy, his peace, his family, and his possessions as well as his men.  David was sad, broke, depressed, & hurt.  But all of a sudden the warrior in him rose up.  That fighting spirit rose up within him.  Notice God didn’t approach David to comfort him or tell him to get up and get going, David approached God to go on the attack!  

 God is not going to magically change your heart – He strengthens you through His word and then provides you opportunities to step out on that word.  He gives you opportunities to pursue that which the enemy has stolen (Your joy, health, wealth, victorious mind and attitude, your vitality and energy, your ability to love and be loved and express love, etc.)  It is your prayer and your action that brings forth change.  James 2:17-18 “Faith without works is dead. Faith without some action with it is dead.  I will show you my faith by my action.  It is my action, with my prayers, that demonstrates my faith in God’s ability to bring forth change and victory.   Beloved are you tired yet?  Tired of losing? Tired of living below God’s standard? Tired of just getting by emotionally, financially, maritally, or physically?  If you are tired of losing, you then get a fighting spirit and mentality.  Shake off the dust of complacency.  Fight the fear of change of self.  Yea, that’s right, your blessing and victory many times is tied up in you being willing to change and do something or some things differently until the change manifest in you. David realized the change and victory for his situation was dependent on God, and his being willing to get up, change his heart and mentality and PURSUE… In spite of the hurt, the loss, the sadness, the poverty and the hurt of his men that was staring him in the face David realized: This is the time of victory!  “Lord shall I pursue?” Blessed of the Lord, this is the time of manifestation – this is the time of victory – this is the time of answered prayer.  But you have to want it.

 David didn’t know where the enemy was or how large the enemy was.  David didn’t know which way to go, but he wasn’t going to simply settle for the loss of that which was dear to him..  He wasn’t going to settle for a broken heart.  He wasn’t going to settle for the loss of his joy.  He wasn’t going to settle for living in poverty. He wasn’t going to settle for less than what God had for him.  He wasn’t going to settle for an “Oh well, I’ll just pray and trust the Lord to either fix the problem or give me the strength to endure this situation – it must be His will”.  The devil is a liar.   NO – David trusted God to help him get the victory over the enemy (notice the words “help him” not do it for him).  Did you ever stop to think that maybe, perhaps, God is waiting on you to stand up and say, “Lord shall I pursue?”  Are you trusting God in your fervent prayer to help you get the victory?  To help you change your heart through prayer and action?  Are you pursuing the enemy (even the enemy known as yourself, your mind, your way of thinking) and trusting God to help you lose that poverty, oh well, complacent, woe is me, this is as good as it gets, I guess this is all I can be or do, this is the hand that’s been dealt me, I don’t know what to do so I’ll just do nothing attitude?  Through prayer and action are you trusting God to help you pursue joy instead of an attitude of indifference? Forgiveness that frees you to move forward not keeps you chained to the past? A creative mind and imagination not a mind bound to defeated thinking and shallow dreams?  Are you trusting God to help you pursue a heart that flows with love, vitality and passion, not apathy and staleness?

 Beloved, now is the time to pursue!  Now is the time to fight for your life, your joy, your love, your heart, your dreams, and your promise.  At the end of the story concerning David in 1 Sam 30, when David came upon the enemy he immediately attacked and kept attacking until the enemy was destroyed and all that was lost was recovered.  His joy was recovered, his family was recovered, his wealth was recovered, and the joy of his men was recovered.  Everything the enemy stole physically and emotionally was recovered.

 Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. When you realize that you already have the victory regardless of what the situation is, and then you act, by faith, on that victory that you realize you already have – then it is morning time!

To walk in victory, fullness, and the manifestation of promise, will not happen without Faith, Action, Passion, A fighters mentality that hates losing and settling for the status quo, and a willingness to change.  God in his faithfulness will do his part, but we must do our part.

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