Prayer For the Will of God and His Fulfilled Promises

Beloved, many times we all must do our part to see the fulfillment of God’s will in our lives & the manifestation of His promises.  As we prepare to leave 2014 & step into 2015 please join us in prayer for the will of God to be done, faith to be strengthened & filled with expectation in God’s faithfulness, to be bold of action, and to Stop Living Below God’s Standard.

A Prayer for the Will of God & The fulfillment of His Promises  (For The Rest of This Year and 2015)

Daily Prayer:   “Lord take the limits off of my thinking, my speaking, and my praying.  Take the limits off of my passion, my actions, my being willing to change, and my fighting spirit so that I don’t  simply settle in any area of my life.  Lord help me take the limits off in creativity, desire, and expectation that I may fulfill your purposes in my life and in the ministry.  Thank you for increase in health, wealth, ministry, marriage, understanding, revelation, and love.  Today I declare the limits taken off, the chains broken, spiritual hindrances bound, borders of reach and influence increased, and spiritual eyes opened.  I speak increase to my faith in God’s faithfulness and decrease to all doubt, unbelief, and wavering.  I declare that I am a person of action who is willing to fight for God’s promises in my life and in the lives of others – I realize that I have a part to play in their manifestation, even as Caleb declared in Joshua 14:11 & 12 (please look it up and read it for yourself).  I speak to my own hearing (For faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God) that I am full of passion in every area of life. I am willing to change (starting with my way of thinking and seeing myself, as well as how I see others). I will not settle for the status quo or business or life as usual.  Today Lord I thank you for being with me, my family, the ministry and the body of Christ that we are able to drive the enemy out and step into the fulness of your promises without limits or boundaries and see increase all around us and within us; Increase that is both spiritual and physical!”  I thank you Lord God for wisdom and revelation to see where I am or have been a hindrance to your will in my life or the lives of those around me.  Open my eyes to see what I have not wanted to see and lead me in Your truth, healing and deliverance.  I thank you Almighty God for your love, faithfulness, mercy, grace, provision, strength, and ability to Stop Living Below Your Standard. Thank You Lord for your fulfilled promises and change in this remainder of this year and in 2015, realizing that I am part of the answer…  I praise and bless and honor Your Holy name Lord Jesus who is The Christ, Holy Spirit and God the Father…

Psalm 23:6 – Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me ALL the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house (presence) of the Lord forever.

*** Dwelling In God’s presence must bring about a change internally and externally.

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